Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style

Farmhouse Decorating

Designing the inner layers of the household can be an exciting prospect for homeowners. But with many styles to choose from, each of which fighting for their place as among the best, finding which design to opt therefore for can be a daunting process.


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Indeed, there are plenty to choose from, all of which have their own pros and cons. But if there is one particular style that never ceases to show its appeal arising from an eclectic mix of simplicity and comfort, it has got to be the “farmhouse style.”

farm house

What is a modern farmhouse decorating style?
Despite its rustic theme, a “farmhouse style” does not necessarily have to bear all the hallmarks of an old farmhouse. When you attribute the word “modern” with the term “farmhouse,” this architectural blueprint takes on a different meaning in that, while it resembles the traditional house by the farm, is distinctly different enough and feel significantly modern.

Sure, this modern flair to the tried-and-tested design may still share the same core principle of simplicity and comfort—and is perhaps the primary reason why this household style remains significant to this day—how it varies from the old archetype is mostly aesthetics by nature and with a little more emphasis towards practicality as infused in the overall design.


For instance, gone are the days when most farmhouses are defined by the colors of green sage and butter yellow as the modern twist show favor in the earthlier colors of tan, brown, and gray. On the other hand, by highlighting the pragmatic aspect of the style, designers are ought to show special attention to the flow of every room by considering the layout involving lighting and furniture placements.

Although experienced designers could easily come up with a blueprint that accentuates all the strengths that are inherent in the modern farmhouse décor, there is always a leeway by which experimentation could take place. The key is perhaps to make adjustments as you go and see whichever layout suits your taste better.

Further Ornamentations
As much as straying from the old makes for a defining feature of the modern farmhouse style, there is simply something innate about the old model that cannot be getting away with. In this instance, furniture pieces made out of wood play a special role in filling the genuine image of a farmhouse.

In adhering to the aforementioned concept, the best wooden materials to fill up the bulk of the room would be those with simple and clean lines. At their most refined, not only are they “immaculate” to look at, but they also possess enough significant charm which complements everything around them.

For further embellishments, adding intricacies like bar stools, accent chairs, and couches in addition to blankets and throw pillows, all of which make for a welcome inclusion to the household. There is something about these add-ons that balances out the atmosphere of the room while at the same time augmenting on the modern twist that the style displays to be.

But if you want the “ultimate accents” to your chosen home design, you can never go wrong with industrial-inspired pieces which not only insinuate a particular countryside theme but are also functional as well. In this case, you should be in the lookout for the following pieces which you could add as a meaningful part of the house: iron light fixtures, wooden mantles, and hanging barn doors.

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